Online Book Store Service:


You can start this business with any level of investment. The better option is to rent a small shop to connect with publishers to keep and maintain book stocks. To start with have 200 to 250 books as a stock at your store. To grow your business quicker it is better to have 500 to 1000 books as a stock. From just reading, collecting and discussing about your book business you should be aware of some popular online book selling organizations,, and

It should have a general business plan about how to start an online book store. To set up your online bookstore find a perfect business name or domain name. For assistance, refer websites like,, and more. Acquire business license with the help of a local Chartered Accountant. Own a website for starting and selling your books online.

Get a good payment gateway with basic transaction charges like Paytm and CCAvenue. Select a logistics company for shipping your products like Bluedart, FedEx and more. Find your perfect suppliers and distributors for your books such as and

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